We would love to help you with all of your coating and finishing needs. Below you will find all of the surface treatments that we currently offer. For pricing, capacity, and any questions you may have please use the form at the bottom of the page to email us or call us at
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Black Oxide

  • Porous surface hold lubricants
  • Increases lubricity compared to bright finish
  • Inexpensive
  • light corrosion resistance
  • Good general purpose coating
  • Adds very little thickness to the steel its being applied to

material application

Black & Gold

Black Oxide with gold color temper
Bronze & Black color

  • Denotes heavy-duty construction
  • Increases lubricity over bright finish
  • light corrosion resistance
  • Two tone color scheme identifies specific RMT geometry package (137° split point)

Material Application


Titanium Nitride
Metalic Gold Color

  • Stable up to 600°C (1100°F)
  • Basic upgrade over bright and oxide finishes
  • Improved lubricity
  • Improved surface hardness
  • Great general purpose coating

Material Application


Titanium Carbo-nitride
violet-grey or copper color

  • Max working temp of 400°C (750°F)
  • Highest lubricity of the PVD coatings improving flow and heat generation
  • Improved hardness and wear resistance over TiN
  • Provides excellent surface quality on machined components

material application


Aluminum Titanium Nitride
Dark gray/black in color

  • Excellent for wet drilling in tougher materials
  • Higher surface hardness over TiN for extended tool life
  • Not suitable for aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Higher heat tolerance compared to TiN and TiCN for more aggressive cuts
  • Can be used with or without coolant
  • Improved life in interrupted cuts over TiAlN
  • Stable up to 900°C (1650°F)

material application


Titanium aluminum nitride
Violet-Grey color

  • Stable up to a temperature of 700°C (1290°F)
  • Not suitable for aluminum
  • Higher performing than TiN and TiCN
  • Excellent for high heat applications

material application


Blue-violet colors

  • Heat resistant up to 1200°C (2100°F)
  • Improved performance over TiAlN and AlTiN
  • Excels in drilling hardened and tough materials
  • Extremely hard for excellent tool life, even without coolant
  • Not suitable for aluminum
  • Lubricity improves at elevated temperatures

material application