our aerospace line is growing

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Expanded Aerospace Line:

  • Countersinks in HSS, M42, solid carbide & carbide tipped HSS removable pilot, carbide tipped removable pilot and M42 removable pilot
  • Aircraft counterbores in HSS, M42, and carbide tipped
  • Carbide tip rivet shavers
  • Countersink pilots
  • Reverse spotfacers and reverse countersinks in HSS, M42, carbide tipped and solid carbide
  • Hollow cutters in HSS and M42
  • 6" Arbor pilot for reverse spotfacer, countersinks

TRI-CAM microstop countersink

  • Tri-cam design for true concentric fastener interface
  • Precision, CNC diamond machined ensures exact specifications and consistency
  • Premium M2 High Speed Tool Steel
  • Premium M42 Cobalt HSS
  • A countersink is used to cut and form a hole so that a flush fastener can be installed
  • The main features of this countersink is the threaded shank, body cutting angle, and pilot

6" & 12" Aircraft extension

  • One piece construction for long lasting durability and strength
  • 135° Split point is self centering to help reduce the thrust requirements
  • Split point penetrates on contact and prevents "walking" of the bit
  • Industrial-Grade NAS construction (HSS and Cobalt)
  • Heavy duty jobber flute length drills that are used for drilling holes in hard to reach places

Double Margin Core

  • Four equally spaced CNC ground flutes for rounder holes
  • Heavy Duty core construction
  • Industrial-Grade NAS construction (HSS and Cobalt)
  • Pilot/Major O.D. combinations to suit customer needs
  • Double margin drills have an additional margin ground behind the leading margin, providing twice the number of contact points
  • The trailing margin burnishes the cavity, making a true hole and smoother finish, helping to provide a more concentric drilled hole
  • A reamer finish can be achieved with double margin drills, eliminating a second operation

Threaded shank

  • Constructed from Industrial-Grade NAS Steel
  • Able to screw into a threaded adapter on a handheld drill to enable drilling in tight areas where standard bits that install in a chuck can't fit
  • Commonly used for angle and offset drilling
  • Split point penetrates on contact and prevents "walking" of the bit
  • Very stub configurations available
  • Built to NAS 965

Nutplate drills

  • One piece construction
  • Oversized cross-hole for easy removal
  • Tempered shank prevents breakage
  • Premium M42 Cobalt HSS
  • These machine specific drills are used with nutplate jigs in order to produce a high volume of holes that are to size with consistent hole spacing